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Support to release conditioning / programs / Limiting Beliefs and connect in with a deeper sense of self and presence.

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About Me

In 2003, I left behind a relatively unhappy decade working in finance in the Brisbane CBD, to opening into the world of spirit, transformation and sacred sound.

Since then, on this rich healing journey, I have explored a variety of modalities both mainstream and alternative, always driven by my own desire to heal and grow.  My drive for answers was very strong for a long time, as I overcame fairly debilitating fatigue, physical and emotional restriction.  Modalities such as EFT Tapping, The Work of Byron Katie, Yoga, Meditation, and daily musical expression have been invaluable elements in this journey for me.

As the journey to healing and wholeness has progressed, my intensity around healing has lessened, however my commitment to live the fullest expression of truth I can remains.  Over time, my casual play on musical instruments became more and more intense, until I was playing 3-4 hours per day and loving it.  Flutes, Didgeridoo, Fiddle, Guitar, Voice, and percussion have all worked on my over time and shaped my journey.

Now I feel called to share the fullness of expression I experience on the instruments to support others on their journeys.

Awakening to the truest essence of who I am and expressing that is my highest calling.  It's my pleasure to hold space for you to do the same.


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Disclaimer:  Please note that the Services and Music shared by Troy Chapman is therapeutic only and is not intended to replace normal medical and psychological treatment from a GP or Psychologist, etc.

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