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The Didgeridoo - A Sacred Healing Instrument

The didgeridoo, when played or listened to, can connect one to deeper aspects of self and our individual spiritual connection.

This can be a very healing and expansive experience and indeed it is common for the instrument to be played over the top of a person for the purposes of healing.   

"Graduation Gallery"

Congratulations to the latest Circular Breathing Graduates!

# 1 road block to learning Didgeridoo

There are thousands of Didgeridoo’s in homes all around the world.  The sad fact is that most of those instruments do not get played because the owner cannot get over the hump of learning Circular Breathing.

Learning to Play the Didgeridoo with Troy

Troy’s method of teaching the didgeridoo assists you to:

  • Connect with your instrument,

  • Master Circular Breathing in a few simple steps,

  • Learn Rythms, tones, animal sounds,

  • Enhance your Spiritual Connection through engaging with the Didgeridoo,

  • Using didgeridoo for personal healing and to share the frequency with others.


Circular Breathing

Say goodbye to frustrating Circular Breathing Exercises that leave you confused and no closer to your goal…..  Troy has developed a method of teaching the breathing which allows your brain to more easily digest and apply the circular breathing process.  


No results are guaranteed, however the vast majority of students can generally circular breathe before the end of the 3rd lesson, and an increasing number after only 1 lesson.

Try and Buy Didgeridoos!

You are welcome to play one of our didgeridoos during your lesson if you don't yet own one.  We also have student didgeridoos which you can take home for a few lessons while finding your feet with the breathing. 

If you wish to buy a didgeridoo, we have a range of options from only $100.


Didgeridoo Lessons Brisbane Sunshine Coast

Important Disclaimer re: Indigenous Teachings

The didgeridoo has a proud history within the customs and beliefs of the aboriginal people of Australia.  They inhabited and lived in harmony with this land (Australia) for more than 50,000 years prior to white settlement and Aaron acknowledges their role as the traditional custodians of this land.  He also pays his respects to elders, both past and present.  Whilst Troy has a strong respect for indigenous cultures around the world, including Indigenous Australians, he is not himself of indigenous descent.   As such, he does not share customs and culture of indigenous Australia in these lessons.

About these Lessons

Troy is a gifted teacher and shares his own personal experience learning and working with Circular Breathing, Didgeridoo Rythms, sounds, and energy flows throughout the body.  These skills and awarenesses were developed personally by Troy throughout his daily didgeridoo practice, teaching, and other spiritual work.

About Troy

Troy is a multi instrumentalist, Practicing Yoga Student, and has been working with energy healing modalities since 2003.  As a result of this, he has a unique awareness of the energy flows when playing instruments such as didgeridoo.  

Troy plays a variety of instruments in his work doing Sound Healing Events throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. He plays the didgeridoo daily as part of his musical and spiritual practice.

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To Start your Didgeridoo Journey, simply complete the following form, or call Troy on 0414 203 423.  

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Disclaimer:  Please note that the Services and Music shared by Troy Chapman is therapeutic only and is not intended to replace normal medical and psychological treatment from a GP or Psychologist, etc.

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