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No Whistle? No Problem.  Whistles available for use in the lessons, plus guidance on which whistles to buy.

Learn to Play the Irish Tin Whistle 

The Tin Whistle, and in fact Irish Music in General, can be a bit of an addiction.  There is something about the beat and the energy that draws you in and compels you to move and play it.  Each time I perform on the Tin Whistle, it is common for people to enter the space and start dancing or tapping their feet. 


The energy of this music is very healing to player and listeners alike.


Easy to Play!

Learning this wonderful instrument is surprisingly simple, and students can get up and running quite quickly with minimal instruction.


The way Troy uses and teaches the instrument is that the flute is a tool for creative self expression and spiritual connection.   

Things you Will Learn on this Instrument

  • Connect with the instrument,

  • Basics to get up and playing,

  • Fundamentals of getting breath through the instrument,

  • Fingering and getting a clear sound out of the instrument,

  • For the more advanced player, embellishments which can make your playing more interesting and enjoyable, (see the sound file above for examples),

  • Instrument maintenance,

  • Activating your personal self expression through the instrument,

  • Reading Music and the process of learning a new song to play.

Benefits of Playing the Irish Tin Whistle

There are some obvious benefits of learning the whistle, such as confidence, self esteem, relaxation, hand / eye / breath coordination, etc.  Some deeper benefits which Troy and others have experienced over years of playing and teaching the whistle, include:-

  • Enhanced Spiritual Connection,

  • Heightened connection to your self , through the expression of a creative stream,

  • Connection to and unlocking unresolved emotion,

  • Getting out of your head and into your Heart / Body,

  • Entering a timeless space of creative expression.

Tin Whistles available for the lesson.

If you don't yet own a whistle, we have several here, available to try in your first lesson, the idea being to allow you to see if you like the instrument and feel to engage with learning it.


About Troy

Troy plays a variety of instruments in his work doing Sound Healing Events throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.  He  plays Irish Whistle in performance, and for his own personal enjoyment and well-being.  More About Troy >

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To Start your Irish Tin Whistle Journey, simply complete the following form, or call Troy on 0414 203 423.  

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Disclaimer:  Please note that the Services and Music shared by Troy Chapman is therapeutic only and is not intended to replace normal medical and psychological treatment from a GP or Psychologist, etc.

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