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Disclaimer:  Please note that the Services and Music shared by Troy Chapman is therapeutic only and is not intended to replace normal medical and psychological treatment from a GP or Psychologist, etc.

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Matrix Reimprinting

Release the Emotional Charge held in the past, and re-imprint for the future....

Matrix Reimprinting is a modality which uses EFT tapping to work on past selves (including past lives) to release held trauma in the field and return them to zero point / oneness.

I worked extensively with this modality on myself and clients for 3 years, before moving onto other forms of healing.

"The Matrix" forms an integral part of my foundation in healing, which is reflected through Holographic Kinetics and supporting the release of unresolved memories in a variety of situations, to return to presence.

Troy Chapman - Trained Practitioner of Matrix Re-imprinting

About Me

I have been training and working with energy, emotions, thought and spirit since 2003.

In the last 15 years, I've Trained in a Variety of Modalities experiencing healing from the perspective of client and Practitioner in hundreds of sessions, including:

  • Reiki Levels 1-3

  • Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (Levels 1-3)

  • Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner

  • The Work of Byron Katie Facilitator

  • Holographic Kinetics Practitioner

As a Practitioner under the banner of Tune2Peace since 2012, I've conducted hundreds of Personal Transformation Sessions and run healing groups, supporting clients to release limiting beliefs and emotions and create more health, expanded lives.

My Passion

Since my first Awakening experience in 2003, I've been passionate about the pursuit of truth and awakening to the truth of ourselves as limitless beings of spirit.  In the background of my practitioner work, I also plays numerous instruments, channeling the creative energy of spirit through musical expression, and supporting others to wake this up through music lessons.

How to Book

To book a Session with me, complete the form below and I will contact you within 48 hours.