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Aaron is a Great teacher - kind, patient, good at motivating, sensitive and wise. Great for people new to instruments. Highly reccommend! :):)

Alex (Sunshine Coast) June 2018 - Beginner Flute Workshop and Didgeridoo Lessons

Thanks Aaron for sharing your knowledge, I feel so blessed to have been able to attend and have walked away with the tools to work with, to continue my flute medicine journey. 😃

Donna (Melbourne) April 2018 - Beginner Flute Workshop

I loved this so much xx

Rachel (Sunshine Coast) March 2017 - Sound Journey Event

Sound for my soul.  Awesome, thank you Aaron

Vicki (Sunshine Coast) March 2017 - Sound Journey Event

Hello Awesome beautiful soul friend. Sunday with you was so great. The sound healing has really opened us deeper to ourselves and our human selves are say wtf! What are we doing and who am I anyway!  The next morning we couldn't even move, we had so much stillness and no impetus to move.  It was so nice to be in your presence. 🕉️

Janet (Melbourne) April 2017 - Sound Healing Event 

Thank you Aaron for an amazing afternoon 🙏🏻 . Loved it.

Erica (Melbourne) April 2017 - Beginner Flute Workshop

We learned so much in such a short time Aaron is an excellent facilitator.

Marie (Bundaberg) April 2017 - Beginner Flute Workshop

Thank you Aaron for a truly fabulous Native American Flute workshop.   Thanks for putting a newby at ease !  Now... to make the commitment to my daily practice!

Simone (Sunshine Coast)  April 2017 - Beginner Flute Workshop

“Spent a fun morning working with Aaron to get something more than squeaks out of my flute. Great to try something I've wanted to do for years. Fun to share it with (my friend) and a gorgeous group of people, humor helped me to relax my tight grip on the flute.”

Suzy (Sunshine Coast)  April 2017 - Beginner Flute Workshop

Seriously Beautiful Group of Souls!   I had a great time, and genuinely connected with my flute self again. Heart Heart.

Trisha, Mount Ninderry   April 2017 - Beginner Flute Workshop

Awakening Sessions

Aaron, mate you shifted some serious energy here! Thank you for listening to the quiet voice inside and rising to the challenge of facing the dark. 

Richard - (Sunshine Coast, Australia) August 2018 - Land Clearing

Aaron you are a master teacher.  You helped my connection to breath and core and then we began to play nothing more than that.  Your guidance helped me to reconnect to a part of myself the has been in the background , which has once again come to the fore .. Thank you. <3 <3 <3

Tracey  (Sunshine Coast, Australia) August 2018 - Flute Lesson and Intuitive Energy Work

Aaron is a Skillful healer - down to earth, sensitive, experienced. Really wise and kind. Very grateful for the wonderful help I've found at his place. Thank you

Alex (Sunshine Coast) June 2018 - Awaken Sessions over 1 year 

I recently participate in one of Aaron’s Satsangs.
So gooooood!!
I nearly said “No” to this opportunity.
I nearly made myself believe – “It’s happening in the middle of the day, I really need to get jobs done – I’m leaving on a trip tomorrow!!! And I’ve been giving myself heaps of silence and stillness lately – I don’t need this today!!
How many times we deny our soul’s journey!!
Anyway, I’m so glad I didn’t listen to these ideas for long!!
Aaron’s leading of our group through sacred space in silence, movement, stillness, body awareness, sound and skillful heart questions was so truly powerful for me.
And guess what! I got my jobs done too!!
I’m so very glad I said “Yes” to my “Yes”
Thank you Aaron .

Alison (Sunshine Coast) March 2018 - The Work of Byron Katie, during Satsang Group

I would like to share how wonderful Aaron is as a facilitator and more importantly, a friend. He is someone who will listen carefully, with his heart, hearing what is not being said with such deep compassion and care. With his broad understanding of the mind, he is my go-to if I'm feeling stuck around something and know I just need some help to look a little deeper. Some of my greatest clarifying moments have been in his caring company and beautiful heart! Recommended x infinity. ️

Laura (Sunshine Coast) February 2018 - Awaken Sessions over a period of 3 years

Disclaimer:  Please note that the Services and Music shared by Troy Chapman is therapeutic only and is not intended to replace normal medical and psychological treatment from a GP or Psychologist, etc.

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